Vet nurse bakes cheeky cake as leaving gift – but it looks so real pals refuse to eat it

A cheeky woman hoping to leave a lasting impression on her work pals has made sure she will never be forgotten after handing over an unusual leaving cake.

Veterinary nurse Crissy Lister shocked pals when she gifted them a cake that looked just like a used cat litter tray.

The life-like bake served in a real litter tray, looked so repulsive one worker even refused to try it.

Crissy, 31, delivered the treat on her last day at West Mount Vets in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Having often taken her three-year-old puss to work with her as an emotional support animal, she wanted to incorporate her furry friend into her farewell cake.

Taking inspiration from a kitty-themed cake she spotted years ago, Crissy whipped up a vanilla sponge cake topped with crumble to resemble cat litter.

To finish it off, she added “questionable” chocolate icing “poops” and a picture of her pet, plus a speech bubble that reads: “Goodbyes are s**t.”

The senior vet nurse from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, said: “A couple of people were a bit sceptical about eating it.

“One person wasn’t a fan and didn’t eat it.

“I didn’t reveal it, I just left it in a room and walked off and let them discover it on their own.

“I got the odd glance and people going ‘oh my god that’s amazing’. Others were like ‘please tell me that’s a brand-new litter tray’.

Thankfully, she confirmed the tray was brand-new, and the cake went down a treat.

“Everyone who tried it really loved it and went back for seconds,” Crissy said.

Having worked at the “amazing” veterinary surgery for three-and-a-half years, she thought the cake would be the perfect way to say goodbye.

“In this field, you have to have that kind of sense of humour, you can’t get through it without a laugh,” she explained.

But it wasn’t just Crissy’s colleagues who were delighted.

When she shared her inventive creation online, her post was flooded with praise.

One person commented: “You know it looks fantastic, so realistic but I honestly would struggle to eat it. Great job.”

Another joked: “You 100% sure it’s chocolate?”