Man dumps wife and two kids as he ‘doesn’t want family life’ – but refuses to move out

All breakups are tough and the road to recovery is often long and emotionally draining.

So, could you imagine separating from your husband and father of your children – only for them to still live in the same household with excessive late nights?

A woman on Mumsnet has shared her devastation after her husband has broken up with her – leaving her understandably “utterly broken”.

In the post, the mum-of-two took to the site to share her experience as the father of her children split from her “many months ago” – and is toying with her emotions.

The parents share two children together – aged two and seven – but since the split, the father hasn’t been pulling his weight.

“Many months ago, [the husband] said that he felt that we had grown apart and that he didn’t want ‘family life’ – and would be better on his own.

“This has left me devastated as I didn’t suspect anything was wrong so it has come as a complete shock.

“I am still completely in love with him and can’t imagine a life without him.

“However, since saying what he did, he has remained in the family home and just continued to make me feel awful.

“Just comes home late from work every night and doesn’t contribute to helping with the children (although he barely every has!).

“He has had numerous hotel stays on his own, doesn’t really engage in conversation with me, never wants to do anything as a family, sleeps in a separate bed.

“I am utterly broken by it,” she added. “No one can understand it as we have had such a happy marriage and I truly believe I’ve been a good wife which he doesn’t disagree with.”

Whilst the devastated mum has tried to make things work, the husband has “made no effort to try in any way” to amend the relationship.

“It was even my birthday the other day and he did nothing for it,” she said.

“I cant kick him out as we share a home and he says he has no money to stay anywhere else. I just feel like I’m stuck in a house with a man I’m desperate to love me but is clearly never going to and it’s destroying me.

“I have also had three weeks signed off work with stress.”

The woman pleaded for advice from users on the site – a lot of whom fled to the comment section to share their advice – with some even suggesting that it seems as if another woman is on the scene.

A user suggested: “Solicitors – have a discussion with them as to what your options are.

“You’ll never feel better or move on as long as he lives with you,” they added.

“He’s using you, coming and going as he pleases and treating you like utter s**t. Take control, it will honestly make you feel better in the long run”

“Numerous hotel stays on his own? Sorry, but sounds like he has another woman,” a second added.

“Other woman,” a third agreed. “Check his phone.”

A third made sure to set the record straight: “Seek legal advice and start divorce proceedings.

“He doesn’t want to be in the relationship and the quicker you accept it, the quicker you’ll be in a place of peace.

“At the moment, he’s calling the shots. You need to turn those tables.”