Chef turns McDonald’s into ‘gourmet meal’ – using apple pie and chicken nuggets

A chef who was challenged to turn a McDonald’s meal into a gourmet pasta dish has gone viral for her culinary creativity – but not everyone has been convinced.

Amy Brandwein was tasked with making a fancy dish using fast food ingredients after being challenged by Danny Kim, a 26-year-old content creator from Maryland, USA.

Danny handed Amy a Happy Meal box which included McDonald’s fries, chicken nuggets, sweet and sour sauce, and two apple pies – which she then had to transform into something that would be sold at a fine dining restaurant.

And Amy completed the task in style, turning her box of fast food into gourmet pasta in no time at all.

First, the chef blended flour, water, salt, milk and butter, before adding eggs to make a paste.

Then she added her first McDonald’s ingredient in the form of the chips which had been blitzed in the food processor along with the paste, a dash of salt, and some parmesan cheese.

Amy mixed the chicken nuggets with the filling from the apple pies to be used as the pasta filling, while the sweet and sour sauce was used for decoration on the plate.

The final product Amy made was pommes dauphine – a French meal traditionally made from mashed potatoes and savoury choux pastry.

Amy then plated up the dish, adding some chopped chives, fresh apple and crispy apple pie crumb.

The process was shared in a video on TikTok, and while Amy and Danny were blown away by the final product, social media users were left baffled – with many of them criticising the size of the dish compared to how filling it would have been if it had been kept as a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

One person wrote: “Now it looks good and all, however I’m a growing boy and that is not enough even to snack on.”

While another added: “All that food turned into 3 pieces of pasta.”

And a third said: “She lost me when she mixed the apple pie with the chicken nuggets.”

“My inner Italian is raging”, a fourth stated.

Danny has previously challenged other chefs to transform fast food, including Ashish Alfred, who he dared to turn a McDonald’s Fillet-o-Fish meal into two gourmet dishes.