Neighbour demands man keeps dogs inside so her kids can play in his garden

Relocating can be daunting – especially if you’re moving in to a tight-knit community.

A man has been left feeling ‘deflated’ after being alienated by his entire neighbourhood just one week after moving in.

Venting to Reddit, the man explained how an angry mum has turned his neighbours against him because he wouldn’t allow her children to play in his garden.

The dermatologist said: “I decided to move out of my apartment to a place with more space, especially a lawn, so my two dogs can have more space.

“I spent a lot of time in my private clinic practice and due to that, the two of them spent a lot of time alone.

“I searched for quite a while before I found a house that I liked (had a big lawn) and ended up buying it. It’s in a very tiny neighbourhood in my city and quite a calm one which is always great.”

Everything was going smoothly until his new neighbour knocked on his door asking whether he could bring his dogs inside when he isn’t at home so her children can play in his garden.

“I went to answer the door to see what she need. She was pretty nice at first, welcoming me to the neighbourhood and all that,” he added.

“But afterwards she said and I quote: ‘So, I know your new, but we would like to ask you to keep your dogs inside your house when you’re out. The kids like to play on the house’s lawns and they are afraid of your dogs. So, you need to put them inside when you’re not at home’.”

“For a moment I didn’t quite believe what I heard and asked her to repeat, and she indulged me like this was a common occurrence.

“I just told her flat out: ‘No, the lawn is for the dogs. Your kids have no business going to my property, nor do you have any ground to make that demand’.”

“She did not take that well. She told me she was going to contact the association and all other kind of stuff.

“I just told her flat out that she could call the pope for all I cared. It was my property and my say in it stays.”

Wishing back his words, the man explains how the woman, who is part of the neighbourhood association, started “spreading rumours” about him to the extent people would avoid him in the streets.

“People who would smile at me or say ‘good morning’ no longer even look at my face,” he added. “Honestly, I’m more annoyed than anything.

“But seeing this many people believing my actions were that of an a***hole, it makes me wonder if I’m in the wrong. I mean, they were just kids, I could have let them play in the lawn.”

Wanting to know whether he is in the wrong, the man has taken to Reddit to hear other people’s thoughts on this situation.

One user said: “The entitlement of certain parents never ceases to amaze me. It’s your property. Even if you didn’t have dogs, you might just want peace and quiet.

“This is before we even get to possible legal issues about being aware others are using your property as a red centre for their kids.

“How to avoid pariah status in the neighbourhood is another matter, but this person is a toxic a***hole.”

Another user added: “The legal issues are the biggest worry. If a kid got hurt on your property you can be held liable, even if they were knowingly trespassing.

“Maybe reminding all your neighbours of this may go some way to mitigating the anger when they all realise they could be in the same boat.”

A third user said: “A camera or two might be a good ideas as well, just in case crazy neighbour lady tries to escalate.

“You will have proof of if anyone enters your fenced in yard without permission plus proof of how your dogs are acting while you are not home, just in case you need it.”